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Over $5 Milllion Raised!  Sending Hundreds of Generators to P.R.

HelpMeDonate's Response

Thanks to your donations, responded to those affected by the Hurricane's.  In early November, we joined up with a few Organizations for the Flight Of Hope, a 12 hour mission to Puerto Rico.  We flew into Aguadilla, Puerto Rico and brought over 150 generators, water, water filtration, medical supplies, and Medical teams.  We unloaded the supplies while the medical teams went to clinics to help patients in need of medical attention.  We handed off the generators to Churches and Organizations that work directly with the folks in need, to ensure that the people got the items right away.  

We continue to provide support and are planning another trip to Puerto Rico on Dec 8th.  This trip will bring 50 more generators, water filtration, and toys for kids.  Below, you will see pictures from the Flight of Hope and you can make a donation to help us with the second trip. - Over $5M in Donations

100% Tax Deductible

Your donation may be  100% Tax Deductible.   We will provide you with donation receipts.

We Raised Money For:

Sandy Hook School Shooting Relief

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Katrina


Japan Earthquake, and much more.

We have raised over $5,000,000

Since 911, we have raised over $5M to Disaster Relief Agencies, Including the American Red Cross.  

Comments and Prayers from Donors

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 "Thank you for all your time and physical efforts to help and give hope to those who are affected in a Life changing way by the Hurricane Harvey. My prayers go with you and to all the residents of the area affected, pray God will give them special grace and patience as they begin their lives anew."

Della Riemersma 

"God Bless."

Dorothea Caplice

 "My prayers and daily medications will be ongoing for those affected for reflection regarding their blessings while maintaining their faith with "a knowing that all is well" according to God's will with is purpose in mind for the highest good!"

Annette Dukes

"Blessings of comfort and Peace ."
June  Kermoian 

" You are all in our hearts and in our prayers. We know that God is with you and so are the people of Texas and all over the U.S. We will be thinking of you. Remember, when God closes a window, He opens a door. In Christian love."

Jerry & Lynn 

"I feel the Salvation Army is a super great organization and appreciate all that you do in each community. I really appreciate the fact that the ones that are at the top running this operation are not there to get rich and to receive high salaries. May God bless each of you for what you do and I thank you.

Juanita Rogers

"Our prayers are with you."

 Charles & Helene Saindon

" Daily prayers for families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Healing and quick recovery to all. Please Lord, bless also the shelter staff, responders, health caregivers, and donators. Many blessings and love."
Karen H. 

"Love to visit all of you next year and stay and eat in your lovely state  (LA)."
Hannelore Baumann

"My hope is this donation is dispersed 100% to provide relief to Hurricane Harvey victims and not to help cover admin costs.

Jay Wysong

"I pray that Texas will survive Harvey and be stronger than ever. Thank you to all who have helped someone. no matter how great or how small. May God take care of all who lost a loved be it a pet or human. We have prayer chains all over NC for you. Never give up Hope. God is there."
Darlene Mourglea 

"Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

 Laura & Richard Hiester 

"My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Houston and the surrounding areas."

Margaret Heaven

"Please use this donation to the Salvation Army for the rescue efforts in Texas.....Thank You and God Bless you (-: 

Joann Mueller

"Dear Hurricane victims,know that though this is happening to you and you might feel alone in your grief and loss ,know that there are so many that stand with you at this very trying time.May God give you comfort and continued hope that this too shall pass.I will continue to pray for you all." 

Cheryl Russell

" Prayers to all involved!"

Tom Ariss

"God Bless all of you who may have lost property or suffered sever damages to your property.

Ronnie and Lorinda Watson

"Please save as many pets as possible. "Thanks for all you're doing." 

Cheryl Massett

"Praying for all of you!!!"

Barbara Rossiello

"Thoughts and prayers for all the volunteers safety."

John Aho

"God Bless all the poor victims of this tragic event. My prayers are with them all.

Alvera McDonald

"May God Bless and look over all the people in Texas that have loss so much
due to the storm. My God protect and comfort each and everyone of you.

Ronald Clark

"We give our best prayer to the City of Houston and the surrounding areas that have been impacted greatly.

Vinh Le

"May the Lord watch over your family."

Harry Hunt

"Thank you so much for all that you do! I am praying for everyone affected by Harvey and all of your volunteers! God bless you all!

Marsha Hunke

"My prayers are for all those affected by the hurricane.

Hannah Irving


Alan Carr

"My prayers are with all the good-willed people in Houston and vicinity, and all of their loved ones, who have been displaced due to Harvey.
May you all find relief, clean water and all the help you need during this trying time.

Ellen Friedlander

"God Bless Texas."

Vickie Dotson

"Many thanks for all the kind rescues and continuing care of the innocent creatures that have fallen victim to Harvey!! 

Alyson Sheets

"Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Janice Murphy

"It could have been me. God bless all of you."

Mary Thacker

"We are praying so hard for all those people and animals affected by this horrendous storm... May God give them strength...."

Pam and Greg Mross

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