Schools and Churches

Would you like to receive a Certificate for your classroom or Church?  When your class or church host a fundraiser or send us greeting cards to be sent to those in need, we will email a certificate along with a note to the kids telling them how awesome they are.  Mail your cards or donations to:, PO Box 41466, St. Petersburg, FL 33743.  

Donating Personal Items

 HelpMeDonate has been receiving hundreds of calls daily asking where to donate personal items, such as clothes, diapers, food, cosmetics, furniture, and more.   Disaster Relief organizations such as the American Red Cross and Salvation Army do not accept personal items.  Why is that?  We'll tell you:  

  1. In many cases, the cost to ship exceeds the value of the items being shipped. 
  2. Warehousing these items can be a huge undertaking.
  3. Getting the items distributed can be an even bigger challenge.  

HelpMeDonate can help.  We are located in Florida, just west of where the Eye of Irma passed through.  We will accept personal items at our location, with those items either being sent directly to  those in need, or sold with the proceeds going to storm victims.

Send your items to our processing facility:

709 S. Missouri Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756  

We Were In The Middle of Hurricane Irma's President, David Weiss resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  Hurricane Irma directly impacted Tampa Bay.  David posted some home videos for you to see the strength of Hurricane Irma. You can find those videos HERE.  

Thank You!

We want to make sure you know much we appreciate your support.  Organizations that provide Disaster Relief efforts are NOTHING without YOU!  Whether making a donation, hosting a drive, or sending clothing, Thank You again for all of your support.

Las Vegas Shooting - Free Burial Site

  Dawn Kloster and her family would like to donate a cemetery plot to one of the victims of the Las Vegas Nevada shooting, October 2,2017.      The cemetery plot is at Riverside Cemetery, located in Maumee Ohio, on West River Road, alongside the Maumee River. 

The Cemetery plot is in a beautiful and peaceful spot that many visit. Many people spend time in this area as is it surrounded by parks, historical forts and festive activities including; family gatherings, sports, recreation, boating, dedicated fisherman and God.   

Pictures are below and if interested, click the button below.