What is HelpMeDonate.org

HelpMeDonate.org is the FIRST and ONLY Disaster Relief Fundraising Organization dedicated to letting donors choose exactly where their donation is used.  

How long has HelpMeDonate.org been around?

HelpMeDonate.org has been raising money for Disaster Relief efforts since 2001, in the wake of 911.

Where Does My Money Go?

When you make a donation using HelpMeDonate.org, you get to choose specifically where your donation goes.  If for Puerto Rico, we are working with Unidos Por Puerto Rico.  We are currently sending hundreds of generators and supplies to Puerto Rico.  For others, funds and/or supplies are sent directly to organizations on the ground aiding those in need.  

Can I Send Supplies or Personal Items?

Unlike The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other organizations that do not accept personal items for storm victims, HelpMeDonate.org DOES accept personal items and supplies.  We are working with groups using planes and ships to hurry supplies to those affected by the storms.  The address to send your items can be found at the bottom left of every page in our site, or send to:  HelpMeDonate.org, 709 S. Missouri Avenue, Clearwater, FL 33756.

Can I Send/Mail A Check?

Absolutetly!  Make your check payable to HelpMeDonate.org and in the memo section, enter where you want your donation used, example: "Puerto Rico".

Mail your check to HelpMeDonate.org:  P.O. Box 41466, St. Petersburg, FL 33743

How do I get a receipt?

Receipts are automatically sent with every online donation to the email address provided by the donor.  If you do not see your receipt, check your SPAM filter or JUNK mail filter.  If you still do not see it, email us at donations@HelpmeDonate.org and provide your name and request a receipt.