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Please help my furbaby

Please help my furbaby

Hello my name is Christina and my handsome pup's name is Enzo. I first got Enzo at a month and he is now a big 1 year old baby. He is the sweetest boy. Enzo has two sisters he absolutely loves and enjoys to be around but recently Enzo's change in behavior has caused some complications in him doing so. A few days about Enzo started to have diarrhea followed by being tired and not wanting to move, eat or drink. He had started vomiting Friday night so Saturday morning he was brought to Stack veterinary hospital in Syracuse where they ran a parvo test which had cost $75, the exam was $75 and a basic one shot x-ray for $100. The vet had wanted to run some blood work and do more extensive x-rays. This would have cost us close to $1000 and possibly have to be hospitalized. This hurt me very so to have to be left with not proceeding to do further tested due to not having the funds. He was sent home with an antibiotic. Since home Enzo has been bottle fed water and refuses to eat. I hate to see him suffer and am asking for help. Please anything and everything can help. 

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Created August 17, 2020